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With 50 years of putting dogs and cats first, ROYAL CANIN®offer one of the largest, most precisely tailor-made lines of pet food
meeting your dog or cat's breed, size, sensitivities, age or lifestyle. See the difference the right food can make to your pets
health, condition and well being by visiting our booth at Spruce Meadows. A specific product or increase awareness, we will help you find the right sponsorship/advertising to fit your need and budget.

About Royal Canin

Through health nutrition and sharing knowledge, Royal Canin is dedicated to improving the lives of cats and dogs. Royal Canin is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of high quality, specialized dog and cat foods in the veterinary, pet specialty and breeder channels. Our headquarters are in France, and production operations exist in 13 countries worldwide, including the Canadian plant based in Guelph, Ontario.


1. KNOWLEDGE & RESPECT -­ Our fundamental ethic since 1967...
The specific, unique nutritional requirements of cats and dogs remain our top priority.

2. NUTRITION -­ A precise balance of nutrients...
Abiding by the fundamental principles of nutrition, our formulas are designed based on the functionality and biological value of nutrients.

3. RESEARCH & INNOVATION -­ Identifying distinct solutions for the requirements of life stages, sizes, lifestyles, specific breeds, disease prevention and treatment of therapeutic conditions...


How do we actually make a difference?

We view dogs as more than just the best pets on the planet. Our mission is to make a positive difference in their lives so they can be their best. We do that by creating premium nutrition that helps bring out the best in your pet.

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DogShow.ca has been a part of the dog show community in Canada for over 13 years, promoting the Canadian dog fancy and encouraging participation in dog sport through their commitment to easy, accessible and affordable event registration for handlers and exhibitors. Clubs and event secretaries can take advantage of full service dog show management software at no charge from DogShow.ca to process and track entries, counts, and even enter results during the show.



Should you be searching for a new purebred puppy for your family, or looking for Puppy Training, Agility Classes, Obedience Classes, Rally Obedience Classes, Conformation Handling Classes or Fly Ball Clubs, we have individuals listed with us.
Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers has been helping the public locate purebred puppies from responsible breeders since 1976.

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Dogs get photographs with their awards by Cathy French Photography during the Alberta Kennel Club dog show at Spruce Meadows.
Thank you Cathy French for our morning coffee.