Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers

Should you be searching for a new purebred puppy for your family, or looking for Puppy Training, Agility Classes, Obedience Classes, Rally Obedience Classes, Conformation Handling Classes or Fly Ball Clubs, we have individuals listed with us.
Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers has been helping the public locate purebred puppies from responsible breeders since 1976.


DogShow.ca has been a part of the dog show community in Canada for over 13 years, promoting the Canadian dog fancy and encouraging participation in dog sport through their commitment to easy, accessible and affordable event registration for handlers and exhibitors. Clubs and event secretaries can take advantage of full service dog show management software at no charge from DogShow.ca to process and track entries, counts, and even enter results during the show.


AKC and ez-clean are offering AKC members 10% off of a 4L of ez-clean during its summer and winter classics when ez-clean is pre-purchased during registration on www.dogshow.ca  ANOTHER REASON TO PURCHASE EZ-CLEAN ON LINE! 50% OF THE REVENUE IS DONATED TO THE CLUB.

What is Ez-Clean : Is the professional bioenzyme cleaner that dog kennels and groomers across Canada chose to use.   It is a highly concentrated liquid blend of safe, naturally occurring bacteria that eliminate odors and degrading organic waste. ez-clean will provide excellent breakdown of urine, blood, vomit, feces, sweat and any other organic substance that creates smells or makes stains. 
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Super 8

Super 8 Shawnessy is the closest hotel to your event location.  We offer rooms with two queen size beds, fridge, microwave, free breakfast and free wireless internet .  The property also has an indoor pool, waterslide and hot tub.  We are within walking distance of over 20 restaurants and shops.  Our pet friendly property is proud to sponsor the Alberta /BC Guide Association with a donation from our pet fee collection.   

Tail Blazers

Tail Blazers has a huge selection of raw pet food, as well as dry, dehydrated and canned foods, bones, supplements, healthy treats, natural cat litter, toys, accessories, knowledgeable staff and more! Our goal is to make readily available human-grade, healthy and nutrient-rich, species appropriate, and life enhancing products for pets. Pets add years to our lives, now it is time we add some to theirs! For information about our 12 Alberta locations, visit tailblazerspets.com