Interested in becoming a vendor at the 2018 Alberta Kennel Club Summer Classic Show?

Our Vendors for 2018 Summer Classic

Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers
Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers has been helping the public locate purebred puppies from responsible breeders since 1976. The Breeders on our Breeders Registry have been screened and have agreed to abide by our "Code of Ethics". These Breeders are encouraged to offer support and education to individuals interested in acquiring a puppy of their chosen breed.

Cedarwood Veterinary Clinic
Our team of highly-trained and compassionate veterinarians and technologists offer a wide range of veterinary services to the Red Deer community and surrounding area. In addition to routine primary care services, Cedarwood offers advanced reproductive technologies including olvuation timing, semen collection, semen storage, transcervical insemination and surgical insemination. We take pride in working with the breeding community and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police breeding program to provide exceptional service and collaboration. Cedarwood’s partner clinic is Animal Emergency Hospital of Red Deer which is a full service 24 hour emergency practice; this allows us to provide after-hours reproductive services to our clients. Please visit our website or call for an appointment.

Cooper Hollow Enterprises Inc. (Edmonton, AB)
Premium Canine Supplements & Whelping Supply
Importers of: K9 Power, Nature’s Farmacy, Miracle Whelp Supply, Resvantage

Customer Dog Boutique (coming soon)

Embark Embroidery
We are an embroidery company, specializing in dog breeds, stitched on towels, tote bags, aprons, tea towels, caps, toques & fanny packs, to name a few. 

Four Dog Night Design
The Four Dog Night products have been in circulation in the dog show circuit since 2003. Our designs have been tested by professional dog handlers, boarding kennels and by our own pets to ensure the highest quality and durability. The fabric selection we use in our products changes every quarter in order to keep our selection current and lively. A seasonal swatch flyer with the new fabric selection is sent out at the end of every quarter to allow our customers to order new product for the next quarter.

Heelerz For Pets and Their People
The idea of heelerz was born back in 2011 while Tannia was taking her Colour and Crystal Therapy certification. One of the modules of study was "Crystals  for Animals". Passionate about what she’d learnt, Tannia used the knowledge from that course to see if she could support her dog Maddy, who suffered terribly from travel sickness. The results were astounding and didn’t go unnoticed by Tannia’s sister, Trenna. Together, the two sisters decided to share the healing power of crystals with the world. Between Tannia’s knowledge, Trenna’s organizational superpowers and their joint love for animals and creating, the two of them were a perfect pair.

Hempworx offers a 250 mg CBD Oil for pets and 2.5 mg CBD dog treats. Formulated with full spectrum hemp oil, grown without GMO's, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Hidden Haven Ranch (coming soon)

Knaughty Nets for Pets 
Home of the Happy, Healthy Horse & Hound. We manufacture slow feed hay nets for horses in a variety of sizes from our “hen pecker” to big round bales.  We also make a variety of pet accessories including puppy panties, leashes, water bowls, Winter dog blankets under the Knaughty Net label.  We retail CoolAid Cooling & Recovery products go keep your Equine & Canine cool in the summer heat.  Get you light weight, washable, chemical free, cooling blankets, vests or bandanas from us.

Leading Edge Sharping Services
Leading Edge Sharpening Services is an Alberta based sharpening company serving all of Canada.  We are trained and certified by the American Sharpening Institute.  We specialize in the professional sharpening of clipper blades, grooming, beautician and quilting scissors.  We also sharpen knives and more industrial items such as saw blades, mower and auger blades.  We use the highest quality equipment and all items are cleaned and sanitized, adjusted and tested to ensure optimum performance.  All work is 100% guaranteed. Check out our website for pricing and more information  

Legacy Veterinary
At Legacy Veterinary Clinic, our mission is to care for you and your pets with love and kindness.  We are compassionate group of animal lovers who enjoy coming to work every day to assist you in providing your pets the best quality of life. The clinic is pet centric and stress free to keep you and your pets at ease. We know pets are family, and we are committed to treat your pet as if it was our own.

We offer both conventional and alternative medicine in order to give your pets every possible option for optimal health. We believe that you are your pets best advocate, and it is our hope that through working closely together, we can keep them happy and healthy.

Magnolia & Vine
Our exclusive jewelry and accessories are designed to be fully interchangeable. Customize the pieces according to personality and style, attaching favorite Snaps, Accents, and accessories. There are hundreds of options and endless possibilities, and changing things up is oh-so easy. Pearls one day, peridot the next.  Don't miss out on your chance to get your favorite picture of your dog on a snap!  Check out our full line at our website.

Mungo's Books For Dog People
Mungo means “dear friend”, which is the perfect name for this lovely little book company. Mungo’s Books began in February, 2006 and is a labour of love, owned by Leigh Sutherland, CPDT-KA, a dog trainer of 15 years and bookseller of 20 years. You get plenty of knowledge and experience here! It doesn’t get much better than dogs and books

Nearly Naked Neckwear
We offer a wide variety of hand crafted items including many styles of collars, leashes, and harnesses, etc.

Nutram Pet Products is a 100% Canadian, family-owned pet wellness company with a holistic approach to pet nutrition. First developed in 1993, Nutram recipes have been crafted in Ontario, Canada and trusted in over 30 countries worldwide. Our holistic nutrition starts in the gut through designing each recipe for Optimum Absorption with the use of natural ingredients. Each holistic Nutram recipe is then enhanced with our Optimum Combinations, a perfect pairing of ingredients that complement one another’s benefits to take our holistic nutrition to the next level.

Orange TKC
It's called Orange TKO and is made from orange peels.  It's a multipurpose cleaner that is all natural and works extremely well in the pet industry.  It takes pet stains out of carpet and is used in kennels as well as laundry, etc..  It's very concentrated and economical to use.

PetTech Solutions
PetTech Solutions offers the best in dog breeding equipment and ultrasound for professional breeders and their veterinarians. We find, vet, prescribe and support practical reproductive technology to pinpoint ovulation, detect pregnancy and more.

Pets + Us Insurance
When was the last time an insurance company made you feel great? Put a smile on your face? Made your best friend wag his tail or purr louder? Our job is to make that happen.

Our mission at is to build a global community of ethical and passionate breeders of purebred dogs and to connect them with knowledgeable and caring dog owners. We support our breeders by educating the public as to what good breeders do and what it takes to produce excellent, well socialized, healthy puppies. We help dog owners understand the responsibilities and joys of having a dog so we can help them make good choices for their new best friend.  We want to see less dogs in rescue and to help people understand the impact of those who “breed” solely for monetary gain without care as to where these puppies end up and what kinds of puppies they are producing. To help people make more good choices, we also offer a service provider section where new owners can search by region for the services they need. Come grow with us.

Rainbow Systems
Rainbow Systems Calgary offers Air Purification and cleaning systems that excel at removing pet odors, pet hair, and pet dander from the air, home and vehicles, etc. Stop by to receive your free $200 Air Purification System and to see how we can help! Also connect us through FaceBook.

Raining Cats & Dogs (coming soon)

Royal Canin
With 50 years of putting dogs and cats first, ROYAL CANIN®offer one of the largest, most precisely tailor-made lines of pet food
meeting your dog or cat's breed, size, sensitivities, age or lifestyle. See the difference the right food can make to your pets
health, condition and well being by visiting our booth at Spruce Meadows. A specific product or increase awareness, we will help you find the right sponsorship/advertising to fit your need and budget.

Tybrushe Pet Supply Ltd.
Tybrushe Pet Supply Ltd. has been in business since 2008 and is excited to have their 10th Anniversary show this year.  Tybrushe is a full supply Show and Grooming Vendor with many exclusive products such as Chris Christensen, Beacon Hill, Encore, Mendota, ProFleece, and Tybrushe Branded Grooming equipment.  We strive to bring you quality products with reasonable pricing.  We look forward to bringing great 10 year Anniversary Specials to the Summer Classic show!!

We are health and wellness company, approved by Health Canada as Natural Products.  We offer a mineral spray for our K9 friends. Prevail K-9 is a nutritional breakthrough that delivers a rapid increase of internal blood cell pressure to speed absorption. The nano-sized electrolytes are small enough to penetrate the cell membranes and to be carried wherever they are needed in your pet's body. 

We Rock Raw
We are an Alberta based company (family run), using local human grade sources to provide the very best for our clients.  Our goal at We Rock Raw is to manufacture top quality raw dog food and to teach people about the balanced raw diets.  With 25+ years experience in Raw nutrition, we care only to feed our dogs and yours the very best way that nature intended.

XPain Solutions
XPain Solutions offer HiDow products which employ the latest in TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. They are easy to use, compact and have a fully rechargeable lithium battery. The units have dual port meaning you can treat 2 areas at one time,  giving you hours of safe, drug free therapy without side effects! Users are in complete control of their physical well being in the comfort of their home or office. Buy your hand held massager today!

Zyan (coming soon)