Interested in becoming a vendor at the 2018 Alberta Kennel Club Summer Classic Show?

Our Vendors for 2018 Summer Classic

Cedarwood Veterinary Clinic

Our team of highly-trained and compassionate veterinarians and technologists offer a wide range of veterinary services. Please visit our website or call for an appointment.

Four Dog Night

The Four Dog Night products have been in circulation in the dog show circuit since 2003. Our designs have been tested by professional dog handlers, boarding kennels and by our own pets to ensure the highest quality and durability. The fabric selection we use in our products changes every quarter in order to keep our selection current and lively. A seasonal swatch flyer with the new fabric selection is sent out at the end of every quarter to allow our customers to order new product for the next quarter.

Heelerz For Pets and Their People
The idea of heelerz was born back in 2011 while Tannia was taking her Colour and Crystal Therapy certification. One of the modules of study was "Crystals  for Animals". Passionate about what she’d learnt, Tannia used the knowledge from that course to see if she could support her dog Maddy, who suffered terribly from travel sickness. The results were astounding and didn’t go unnoticed by Tannia’s sister, Trenna. Together, the two sisters decided to share the healing power of crystals with the world. Between Tannia’s knowledge, Trenna’s organizational superpowers and their joint love for animals and creating, the two of them were a perfect pair.

Hidden Haven Ranch (Coming Soon)

Knaughty Nets for Pets (Coming Soon)

Rainbow Systems (Coming Soon)