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AKC’s ez-clean offer

AKC and ez-clean are offering AKC members 10% off of a 4L of ez-clean during its summer and winter classics when ez-clean is pre-purchased during registration on www.dogshow.ca  After you purchase your 4L, on the day you sign in with the show secretary,  you will pick up all your information as well as a ticket to redeem at the ez-clean booth.

What is Ez-Clean

ez-clean clean is the professional bioenzyme cleaner that dog kennels and groomers across Canada chose to use.   It is a highly concentrated liquid blend of safe, naturally occurring bacteria that eliminate odors and degrading organic waste. ez-clean will provide excellent breakdown of urine, blood, vomit, feces, sweat and any other organic substance that creates smells or makes stains. 


  • Highly concentrated—12 billion bioenzymes per liter
  • Can be diluted to 1:64 and be effective
  • Safe for immediate contact for you and your pets
  • Tested for 4 years on multi dog facilities to perfect the blend
  • Eliminates odors instead of masking them.
  • Made in Canada


  • dog runs and kennels
  • decks
  • fences
  • barns
  • stock trailers
  • vehicles
  • mattress stains
  • medical scrubs
  • organic carpet stains
  • organic upholstery stains
  • garbage cans
  • sport equipment
  • mildew smell
  • smoke smell
  • skunk smell
  • RV vehicle toilets
  • septic tanks
  • washing machine

Why Ez-Clean

There are literally hundreds of different types of odor and stain removers on the market, but this product is what professional dog kennels, boarding facilities and groomers use to control smells and rid themselves of messes in their businesses and personal lives. You will love that you can just spray it on and walk away…its that Ez.