Looking for a breeder?

Breeders put a lot time and effort into producing sound, healthy pups and they want the best homes for their pups. A good breeder will answer all of your questions and will have numerous questions for you as well.

As you are aware, there are no right or wrong answers, be straightforward, so the breeder can match you and the family with the best pup for your environment. All breeders have your interest and the puppy’s welfare at heart.

Some of the questions you should ask?

1.How long have you been breeding and your particular interest in the breed? Do participate in conformation, agility, rally or other dog activities?

2. Are the parents CKC/AKC registered? Will the pups be registered?

3. Have health tests been completed on the parents, and if so, what tests have they had?

4. Do you have a contract that specifies the buyer’s and sellers responsibilities and rights? Does the contract state the breeder to be prepared to take back the puppy, if the owner has to relinquish the dog for any reason?

5. Are you able to go and see the puppy and parents?

6. How has the breeder socialized the puppies?

7. Is the breeder in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club/American Kennel Club?

Some of the questions the breeder may ask of you?

 1. Do you work all day? If so, what are your plans for toilet training and feeding of your puppy?

2. Have you had dogs before, other canine in the household? What temperaments do they have?

3. Is your yard fenced and secure?

4. How much exercise are you prepared to provide for your puppy?

5. Do you have children (ages)? Will you prepare them to respect, handle and play with the puppy?

6. What are your plans for the puppy?

For more information please check CKC.CA website’s puppy list . There you will find a listing of CKC member breeders, who are required to adhere to mandatory standards and requirements relating to the proper breeding, maintenance and selling of breeder puppies outlined in the CKC Code of Ethics and Code of Practices for CKC

Member breeders. Within the CKC puppy list, you’ll also find a wealth of information which is designed to help you make informed decisions before you choose a new puppy into your family.